Non-governmental organization

“Structural engineers club”

Structural engineers association was founded in 2011 March, as a consequence of big interest of local structural engineer’s to web page, which started in 2010 may.


We can help you if:

you're looking for structural engineers consultancy

you're looking for partner company in structural engineering

you need any advice about Lithuanian market

you need contacts for any other discipline engineers

you want to establish outsourcing canter for consulting services in Lithuania

you need consultancy on calculations, 3D modelling, drafting software (Autodesk, Graitec, Tekla, Bentley, Nemetschek products)

you're looking for nongovernmental organization partners


What we do

administrate forum for structural engineers

do questionnaires for structural engineers about important questions

develop dialog between our community members

organize meetings for structural engineers

add advertisements for job proposals

inform members about seminars and changes of standards and other regulations


Short history

2011 05 – web page for Lithuanian structural engineers started

2011 11 – number of members in forum reached 50

2012 02 – forum members created logo for organization

2012 02 10 – first live meeting in Vilnius city was held with forum members

2012 03 – structural engineers association registered under the name of “Structural engineers club”

2012 02 29 – number of members in forum reached 100

2012 08 21 – number of members in forum reached 200

2012 12 14 – live meeting in Kaunas city was held with forum and association members

2012 12 17 – number of members in forum reached 250

2013 01 – association was presented to universities, commercial companies and other associations.

2013 02 - possible ways of collaboration discussed with Civil structural engineers association of Lithuania.

2013 03 -  first interview given to Vilnius University of Technology magazine

2013 07 17 – number of members in forum reached 350

2014 04 23 - number of members in forum reached 450

2014 03 05 - we joined digital construction developement project in Lithuania and become one of the founders of public

body "Skaitmenine statyba"(Digital construction).